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The states allege that the EPA has failed to uphold the terms of a multistate agreement to reduce pollution levels in the Chesapeake Bay. The EPA dating San Juan PR boys a legal duty under the Clean Water Act to make sure the Bay watershed states and the District develop and implement plans to meet established pollution reduction goals, but the agency has failed to require New York and Pennsylvania to do so.

In May, D. The EPA failed to respond, and the states have filed suit to compel the agency to its critical role to ensure pollution is reduced and the Bay is restored.

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Safeguarding the health of the Bay—and all of our interconnected rivers and streams—is impossible without everyone doing their part. Its watershed spans 64, square miles and includes rivers and streams in the District, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

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Efforts to protect the Bay are uniquely challenging because water from all these states flows into it, bringing ificant amounts of pollution with it. The watershed states and the federal government have worked together for decades to improve the quality of their own local waters, including the Potomac River in the District, and to restore the health of the Bay.

InD. This agreement led to further collaboration and to Clean Water Act amendments deed specifically to restore and protect the Bay. Inthe EPA and the watershed states agreed to and began implementing an overall plan which aimed to restore the Bay by by setting pollution levels for meet a Detroit man entire watershed.

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To ensure each state would reduce pollution to agreed-upon levels, the EPA required them to develop and implement individual plans. Many of the Bay states developed strong plans and dedicated ificant resources to improving the health of their local waters and the Chesapeake Bay. For example, the District spent millions of dollars reducing pollution lo, monitoring water quality, and improving water infrastructure. The EPA has not required Pennsylvania and New York to prepare new plans, nor has it threatened to take any other action.

As a result, excessive pollution will to continue flowing from these states into the Bay, and the pollution reduction goals of the Chesapeake Bay Agreement will not be met. EPA has walked away from its responsibility to regulate free dating services Gulfport MS manage the efforts of dating in Arizona a foreigner Bay states.

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Today, we are asking the court to force EPA to do dating in a small Petersburg job. I will not stand by and allow the EPA to ignore its enforcement obligations and erase decades of progress we have made to reduce pollution and restore the Chesapeake Bay. They are also seeking to recover costs associated with this litigation.

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The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has also filed a similar lawsuit. Council to protect the environment and address persistent local environmental problems, including those that disproportionately impact low-income communities. OAG filed suit against Ward 5 businesses that repeatedly spilled toxic oil into streets and District waterways and forced a landlord to find friend in New York NY up toxic lead paint that put children at risk.

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Greyhound, in a settlement with OAG resolving a lawsuit over first Chicago Il dating pollution violations at Union Station, adopted bus anti-idling policies nationwide. Additionally, OAG has ed multistate lawsuits to stop the Trump administration from rolling back critical environmental protections, such as auto emissions standards and Clean Water Act rules.

September 10, Environmental Protection.

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